Руководитель направления

Area Customer Development Manager

Владивосток / Россия

Key Job Responsibilities:

Business Development & Monitoring

  • Providing effective development and management of indirect business in CDT East (Far East territory)

  • through the team of Territory Customer Department Managers

  • Building and managing relationships with indirect customers in CDT East (Far East territory)

  • Conducting negotiations (distributors and chains)

  • Supporting GCDM’s team via distributors

  • Coordinating special events (store-level sell-in and communication, materials management in-store etc.)

  • in cooperation with Area Business Development Manager

  • Monitoring sales and distribution performance, particularly for new products, and taking timely action to

  • drive continuous improvement.

  • Monitoring competitive activity at store level, recording and consolidating key activities, monitoring speed

  • and breadth of distribution, and identifying competitive best practices and discussing with ABDM so that

    they can proactively respond with strategic/tactical refinements.

  • Coordinating 3rd party supply chain process through distributors, Indirect customers and Customer

  • Development team

  • Performing territory target achievement planning – sales forecasting and promotional support planning

  • Continuously analysing 5P activities, their effectiveness and applying learning

  • Resolving operational issues at head offices, distributors or in-store

  • In-Store Personnel Management

  • Regularly visiting stores in order to identify areas of improvement

  • Monitoring performance vs. objectives, providing continuous coaching and feedback, and conducting

  • appraisals based on data

  • Working with ABDM to develop tools, merchandising materials and in-store programs for effective shelf

  • management to induce shoppers to purchase  products at shelf.

    People Management

  • Provide effective training, development and coaching of the team (TCDM`s)

  • Control achievement of the targets by subordinates according to KPIs

  • Setting specific action plans for each team member to support their achievement of the team KPIs

  • Conduct timely PMD cycle discussions (setting individual objectives, MYR, annual performance

  • assessment, IDP) and provide ongoing coaching and feedback

    Requirements to the candidate:

  • University degree

  • Experience in Sales for 4-5 years preferably with FMCG company

  • Work experience with distributors and InDirect Customers

  • Managerial experience for at least 2 years

  • Analytical and decision-making skills

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Upper-Intermediate English

  • We offer:

    Competitive salary & benefit package

    Opportunities for career & professional growth

    Friendly working environment

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    Area Customer Development Manager
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